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Bradford Homeworking Project

Starting a business is an exciting prospect for many people. Thanks to the Big Lottery Fund,  Pers are able to support individuals in the Bradford District on their route to self-employment.  We have over 10 years' experience of helping individuals to become self employed or to set up a business.

There maybe a number of reasons that you are thinking of becoming self-employed:

  • You may want to be your own boss
  • You may be looking to build a career that will suit your work/life balance
  • You may have a great idea that you're sure will make money
  • You may already have started your business and need some additional technical expertise...

Whatever stage you're at, Pers can help you in the following areas:

  • Writing a business plan – clarify what you are offering your customers, what makes you different (your Unique Selling Point), how much it will cost to bring it to market, what your overheads will be, what investment it will require and how much profit it will generate over time
  • Identifying grants, loans and other funding to help you build your business, and how to present your business idea to funders, lenders and investors
  • Market research – deciding on your target market and knowing your competitors
  • Legally registering your business with Companies House or, in the case of self employment, with HMRC
  • Identifying the skills you need to build and develop the business, and finding relevant, effective training and resources to acquire and update these
  • Planning for the future through analysing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats to your business, and developing strategies to deal with these
  • Ensuring you keep accurate financial records
  • Ensuring you are compliant with tax, health & safety, and equality laws
  • Devising and building additional products for new and existing markets.

Latest training

PERS offers a range of training courses covering all four areas of our expertise: HR, Employment Law, Business Support and Health & Safety.


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