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Board Member Profiles

  Some of our board member profiles:

Barbara Ruth Jones

Role: Chair PERS Board

Barbara gained a BSc and AKC at London University, King’s College and the PGCE at the University of Leeds.  Most of her working life was as a secondary school teacher and trades unionist. Barbara Joined the Low Pay Unit, the campaigning forerunner of PERS, and has been a Trustee of the Charity for 30 years, believing that work should  confer dignity and self-esteem and should be paid at a rate that sustains a dignified lifestyle. Since her retirement from the classroom, Barbara has maintained her links with her trades union and the TUC and is a trustee of Paddock Community Trust, a charity that provides training and adult education for individuals who are preparing for and seeking employment.  Barbara is an active member of the Labour Party and represented Labour on Kirklees Council 2015-2010.


Calum Carson

Calum is a PhD researcher and academic journal editor who also does extensive charity and activism work within the West Yorkshire area, primarily focused on combating the pressures resulting from low-income work and poverty. He has a Masters in social research specialising in research on in-work poverty and over six years administrative experience that provides  a grounding for understanding and scrutinising the work that PERS does.
His reasons for joining the Pers board are to help contribute in overseeing a successful and extremely valuable charity that does a great deal of good in West Yorkshire and beyond


Latest training

PERS offers a range of training courses covering all four areas of our expertise: HR, Employment Law, Business Support and Health & Safety.


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