Promoting effective workplaces

About us

"Affordable advice you can trust, from PERS - a leading non-profit organisation for business support"

Who we are

PERS is the leading non-profit organisation in Yorkshire for business support and
employment law. With over 35 years experience in the sector, we're trusted by
our clients to provide clear, practical and reliable advice.

Who we work with

We support individuals, charities, social enterprises and businesses small or
large, including start-ups and long-established companies.


As a non-profit agency we aim to keep our prices low. That makes us
particularly accessible to those who can't afford commercial business support.
And, wherever possible, we'll provide our services free for clients experiencing
particular disadvantage.


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Latest training

PERS offers a range of training courses covering all four areas of our expertise: HR, Employment Law, Business Support and Health & Safety.


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